On November 21, 2019 at Blue Ridge Community College, AgHC held an agricultural workshop focusing on labor and the current challenges and options in the Ag community. 

After breakfast, Executive Director Mark Williams gave an introduction of the day's events.

First up was Sheriff Lowell Griffin who spoke about Existing Workers & Law Enforcement, pointing out the position of liason Stephanie Barbosa who officially joined the department last month to help build trust within the Latinx and immigrant community. 

Agribusiness Henderson County successfully landed BrightFarms, a new high-tech greenhouse project that will bring investment of $21 million and 54 new jobs to Henderson County.

BrightFarms produces hydroponically grown leafy greens like kale, basil, spinach, green and red lettuce. This will be their sixth farm in a mission to bring food to people that tastes better, is healthier and better for the environment.

HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. (WLOS) — A new study showed North Carolina wine and grapes keep getting more popular.

According to the state's Wine and Grape Growers Council, that industry had a $2 billion economic impact in 2016 — about a 15 percent increase from the last study in 2014.

"We really see that North Carolina is growing some great wines and some great fruit,” Alan Ward, owner of Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards, said.

Agribusiness Henderson County Executive Director Mark Williams has been named to the state Food Processing Innovation Center Advisory Committee, focusing on employment, investment and value in food processing.

The appointment, he says, may be a great opportunity to assist Henderson County’s growing food production market.

I am pleased and honored to have received an appointment by the Speaker of the House of Representatives to serve on the state’s new Food Processing Innovation Center Advisory Committee, representing food manufacturers . This initiative came out of the NC Food Manufacturing Taskforce, which was formed to come up with strategies for economic development efforts for the industry of food and agricultural products. The new committee will be comprised of 14 members including the NC Commissioner of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce, Dean of NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Science, President of the Golden L.E.A.F. Foundation, President of Economic Development Partnership of NC, President of the Community College System Office, an Agricultural Economist and other appointees by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and President Pro Tempore of the Senate.